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208 to 1000 Challenge Day 23

What up peeps, today is Testimonial Tuesday so I thought I would share some of the messages you guys have been posting along with my quick update. As far as I go, I'm finally under 200 lbs. I have weighed in at 199 lbs for the past two days. Feels good to hit that first goal.

As I stated in an earlier post, I hurt my calf the other day so I had to take some time off from the gym. I finally made it back in Monday and again today. So far so good, I'll start pushing the workouts a little harder next week. My next big test is coming up this weekend as we are going back to Cali...Cali...Cali...sorry. It's Easter so we thought we would spend it back home in the I.E.

Tomorrow I will be posting my workout playlist. I'm really curious to hear your playlists so please work on those. Later Dummies.


Las Vegas or Bust; literally! (Part II)

By Sam “ALL JAM”

Well, a/o today, I am officially two weeks in and trying my best to maintain a good diet on a daily basis. Last week at this time I had officially lost five pounds in my first week, which was great. This past week, the weight loss wasn’t as significant, yet there was a loss. 

Considering I went to two minor league baseball games since last Thursday, where beer and hot dogs are a must; along with treating myself to a nice slice of lemon meringue pie on Sunday, I am happy to report that I’ve lost two more pounds a/o this morning. That now means I am currently down seven pounds from my original start weight of 249 lbs. 

As stated before, training is never an issue and I’ve maintained that level of working out, even adding a little more cardio to my regular training regimen by doing some jogging and bike riding. As for my diet, I’m not doing anything drastic other than being smart about watching what I eat and portion control; the latter is by far the hardest though. My wife cooks her a** off at night and to be able to just eat one healthy sized portion, especially after you’ve come home from a hard training session, is not easy. 

So, seven pounds in 14 days, which equates to a pound lost every two days thus far. I wish it were more, but I guess that’s why it’s called weight; you have to wait for it to come off. Besides, the ultimate goal for losing the weight is about being healthy, so no drastic weight cutting measures here. Easy!     


Alright, time for me to chime in on how my diet is going. Well prior to joining the Junkie Nation 1000th Show diet I had been on one for a couple of weeks. Reason being was, I had a monster flu and went to the doctor and they mentioned I need to lose some lbs, something I have heard plenty of times before when I had visited the doctors. Its not like Im a fat sloppy slob but I am a big boy. I am pretty active, go to the gym a couple times a week but I do enjoy powerbombing some plates of food. So I figured its time to tone it down, eat more salads, no more booze/sodas and try to live a healthier lifestyle. Since a big lettuce salad makes my guts humble, I decided to come up with a salad that wouldnt mess me up. So I went with spinach, cabbage, carrots, cilantro with ginger dressing. Sometimes I'll throw in some grilled chicken. I eat one of these a day as either a lunch or dinner. I havent gotten tired of it yet, so thats good. But when I do, I have some ideas on switching it up. I have to admit, there's a few things I miss. Burritos and coffee being the main two. There is a couple days where I flubbed it though. I have had a couple coffees in the past month and a cali burrito in San Diego while I was in town for Strikeforce fights. I am also guilty of an assault on a truffle burger and murder of a piece of banana cream pie. In my defense, I did have a birthday earlier this week. Other than that, its been salads, brown rice, soups, chicken, fish, almonds, various teas, water and all that jazz. My exercise routine has stayed about the same. I'd like to increase that but it doesnt necessarily fit into my schedule. Thats neither here nor there (A phrase I use when I want to say "it is what it is" but dont want to, cause I hate it that phrase more than Goze). I have lost 8 lbs since I started so things are looking up. Just need to stay focused and motivated....

Dante Morgan


Soooo Team 208 to 1000, it's my confession time and I don't even want to weigh in. I fought off a crazy case of poison oak all last week which left me with nasty open sores on my arms, a hideous face and neck, rash on my abdomen, thighs, and back which led to a horrible sense of body image. I couldn't even go to the gym for fear that I'd get my cooties all over the exercise equipment and it was too painful to wear a shirt most of the time so the moral of the story is I got no gym time last week, felt fugly and subsequently, my diet fell apart. 

I needed something to do while trying to keep myself from scratching so I totally turned to the dark side that is food. Since I couldn't do anything else besides wait it out in the seclusion of my own home, I did not eat healthy last week and am afraid to see what the scale is.... therefore, I've decided NOT to weigh in this week so I don't get discouraged an give up all together. Today I'm going to the gym with long sleeves so they'll let me in the building and start up the cardio again.

Before this disastrous week, I was down 6 lb. I'll weigh in again this Saturday or Sunday to see where I'm at but I figure I should man up and confess my sins because even though I had a "reason" for falling off the wagon, I really needed a reason not to feel miserable and stuffing my face helped a little too much. 

3 weeks before Italy, 5 weeks before the 1,000th episode... I still think there's time to recovery and to be back on track.



208 to 1000 Challenge Day 21


Yes it's true, the wheels had fallen off a bit but we are in the process of getting them back on. In fact I would say the wagon is back up and running. There is no excuse for the way we abused the diet last week but the good news is we really didn't gain all that much weight back. That means our bodies are already stepping it up, that metabolism is off and running and it feels good.

I am at 200 lbs flat and GG has weighed in at his lowest weight of 231lbs. The goals for this week are for GG to be comfortably under 230 and for myself to be under 200 lbs. The good thing is we haven't lost our motivation and from the looks of it, neither have you guys. I strained my calf 4 days ago so my workouts have been non existent. Ive tried to walk more than usual so hopefully that counts for something. The calf is starting to feel good so I'm gonna either test it out tonight or tomorrow morning.

Last thing, I know most of you work out so for tomorrow's blog, I would like to include a 15 song playlist from each of you. The tunes you play while you work out. Thanks Dummies.

Be Champions



208 to 1000 Challenge Day 11


I know, I know, I skipped yesterday. Here's the update, I weighed in this morning at 200.5 lbs. Pretty psyched, I'm almost over that first hump which i think is great in this little time.  The next big test I have is this Saturday. That will be my Mom's birthday and she's coming to Vegas so we will be taking her out to...wait for it...wait for it...Maggianos! 

Maggianos family style is a hefty meal. For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, Maggianos is an Italian restaurant. For the family style dinner they bring out two salads, three appetizers, and four entrees. That is a lot of food so I have to control myself.

My goal for Saturday morning is to wake up at 198 lbs. It would be awesome if I could be either at or under 200 for this coming week. 

To close up shop, here is a message from Sam All Jam I got.

Be Champions


Las Vegas or Bust; literally (Part 2)

By Sam “ALL JAM”

Okay fam, I know I just posted an update on my progress two days ago on Testimonial Tuesday. However, I am giving you one today because it is exactly one week since I actually started monitoring my weight. As you know, last Thursday I weighed in @ 249 lbs. and I am happy to say that this morning, one full week in, the scale now reads 244 lbs. Yeah baby, five pounds lost!

For the record, I’m continuing to train as always, but now I am consciously watching my diet. Nothing special, just trying to be smart about what I eat and portion control. I’m not going to lie; it’s easier said than done. Last night my wife, who is a fabulous cook, made my favorite meal for dinner; (arroz blanco) white rice, (habichuelas guisadas) red kidney beans, (chuletas) pork chops and (tostones) fried plantains. It was difficult not to get busy and throw down on two healthy servings, but I maintained and had one well proportioned helping with only one small pork chop. 

Show me some love. Easy!

P.S. – On another note, for those that are wondering, a new ‘Jam Session’ will be forthcoming very soon. 




208 to 1000 Challenge Day 9

I'm gonna be quick today because there is a lot to read below. This morning I weighed in at 202.5, thats a half pound loss. Hopefully by the start of next week I can either be under or at 200 lbs. Thats the goal for me. As far as food goes, for breakfast I had a strawberry flavored non fat yogurt with some fresh fruit and some granola sprinkles.


Lunch will be a new adventure, especially for GG. For lunch we will be having Cat fish with brown rice and steamed asparagus. Sounds pretty healthy, lets see how the troops react. Hope they like it. Dinner will be a turkey wrap that I'm sure everyone will like. Jenny is cooking the fish right now and it smells great. I will include a pic for you guys to enjoy. Thats it from my camp, lets move on to you guys.

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208 to 1000 Challenge Day 8

One week is in the bag and I'm pretty stoked about the results. For the week I lost 5.5 lbs and it only cost me a little gym time and some cleaner eating. Don't forget, I had one heavy pasta day and an encounter with Texas De Brazil so for me to be down that much is practically a miracle. I would have been happy if I only lost 3 lbs so 5.5 lbs is great!  So far my body feels fantastic and I can honestly say I am thinking clearer, I have more energy, and I'm sleeping a hundred times better than normal.

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