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Cast Nicknames

Gorgeous George: George was a huge pro wrestling fan so we parlayed that to the fact that there just aren't many nicknames that go with the name George and thats how GG got his name.

The Goze: While the origins of this nickname still remain a mystery, what we do remember is that "Goze" was originally the name of Brian's belly, now gut. Goze also believes he was named after the character Gozer the Gozarian form the movie Ghostbusters.

The White Shadow: The White Shadow was a nickname given to John Morgan from Sam All Jam. The White Shadow is an American drama television series that ran on the CBS network from November 27, 1978, to March 16, 1981.

Background Jenny/JRT Lover: These are all names we have given Jenny our assistant to the producer. Jenny is also the long time girlfriend of Goze. JRTLover stands for Jack Russell Terrier lover. Jenny owns two Jack Russells. Background Jenny was a name given to Jenny by George and Trigg because of her always being in the background of our operation. 

Stan Dupp: This is a play on Dann Stupp's name. Dan is's editor-in-chief.

The Magnificent One: Steven Marrocco is a writer for We refer to him as "The Magnificent One" because he shares the last name of Don Muraco a former professional wrestler.

Elvis Johnson: Mike "Elvis" Johnson is a High School friend of George. Elvis used to do the porn and entertainment beat on Tagg Radio.

Sammy The Squid: Sammy The Squid is a High School friend of George who used to come on the show and give his NFL picks.

Alton From El Pass Out: An El Paso resident, Alton became Alton from El Pass out during one of his trips to California where he managed to pass out in a bowling alley.

Max and Jackie: These are Goze and Jenny's dogs. 

Gozihno: Vinny Magalhaes broke the news to Goze that Gozihno means cum in Portuguese.

Goldfish George: George mentioned on the show that he has a really bad memory so Jack from Seattle coined him the Goldfish. 

Segments and Show Information

Stungun Mondays: Every Monday we tell our stungun stories on air. A stungun is usually directed at someone who pissed you off or did something dumb. We stungun them because we find this to be the best way to get our point across without actually causing permanent damage to the person in question. Listeners are encouraged to call in with their own stories.

Off Topic Tuesdays: Every now and again when there is a topic or question to debate that is outside of the realm of MMA, the boys allow the listeners to chime in with their thoughts. These debates are usually saved for Tuesdays. Topics have included street fight stories, most embarrassing moments, and shit stories.

Don Frye-days: Once a month Don Frye comes on the program to answer advise questions from the listeners. 

The Porn Beat: This was a segment on Tagg Radio hosted  by Gorgeous George's childhood friend Elvis Johnson.  Elvis would pick a porno, review it, and then rate it using his paper towel scale.

The Alton and Goze Show: In 2009 Gorgeous George and Frank Trigg left for on a one week vacation leaving Goze to host the show with his partner in crime Alton. These Tagg Radio episodes were later named The Alton and Goze shows after the show's hosts. These were dark times in the history of Tagg Radio.   

Goze's Five Questions: Back when Frank Trigg co-hosted Sound Off Radio with Ryan Bennett, he would give each fighter the 5 questions. These five questions were always the same and placed fighters in a situation where there was no good choice to make. Goze later adopted this duty on Tagg Radio and continued the tradition on MMAjunkie Radio. The questions have since been scrapped due to time constraints. 

Combat Chat: Coined by Goze, the Combat Chat is the name of the MMAjunkie Radio Chat room.

Ustream: This is the platform used to broadcast the video portion of MMAjunkie Radio.

The Junkie Hotline: This is an answering service for MMAjunkie Radio. It originally started as a drunk dial number that listeners could call to avoid calling their ex girlfriends or boyfriends. Now listeners call it to leave their stungun stories and takes on the weekend's events.

Street Fight Stories: Every in studio guest is asked to tell a street fight story from their past. Justin McCully, Uriah Faber and Danny Lauzon have told some of the best stories.


Catch Phrases

Alllllllright then: When a person is a little long winded in their conversation, they get an "alllllright then" from the hosts. This is Gorgeous George and Goze's way of telling the caller "enough already, it's time you wrap things up."  This originated from Seinfeld.  In an episode Jerry complains that a female friend talks far too long and never offers a pause where he can end the conversation.

Bone Out: Gorgeous George once used this phrase to end a show. Goze and John had never heard this phrase before while George insisted that many people use the phrase. This became a big topic of discussion the next day.  

It is what it is: Goze hates this phrase and cringes anytime someone uses it. He believes that this is a person's way of getting out of a discussion. If it is what it is, then why even talk about it? 

Elegance and Excitement: Elegance and excitement meet at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Freeeeeee: Goze often refers to the archives as being Freeeeeee!!! This originated from a famous Sit-N-Sleep commercial where the narrator tells his audience that Sit-N-Sleep will match anyone's prices or their mattress is Freeeeee!!! 

Be Champions: Gorgeous George ends every program with this phrase. It comes from "The Special One" a web series hosted by a puppet based on Soccer Coach Jose Mourinho. 

How do you know?: There is nothing funnier than seeing a person's reaction when they spend more than 5 minutes talking about something expecting you to either give them props or provide something else to the discussion only to hear "how do you know ______?" 


Nooooooooooooo!!!: This soundbyte is played during a Copperheart call. It originated during a week where on two seperate occasions Goze needed to get to a guest who was on hold but could not due to Copperheart's long call.  In both cases the guest hung up forcing Goze to have to call back and apologize. Goze described "Nooooooooo!!!" as the thought that races through his head when he knows he has to stick to a schedule and finds out Copperheart is the next caller.

Noob: This soundbyte is played when a caller makes a comment that exposes them to the audience as a new listener or follower of MMA. The soundbyte originates from the Mortal Kombat video game.

Epic Fail: This soundbyte is played when someone attempts a joke that misses it's mark or tells a story in which someone is widely unsuccessful in reaching their goal. This soundbyte originates from the Mortal Kombat video game.

Bionic Man: This soundbyte has two meanings. The first one is to move really fast. The second is Goze's way of telling the audience he has a boner without letting the guest know.

24: This soundbyte is played when a call has gone on far too long or a caller is no longer making any sense. The clock countdown is the last thing a caller hears before they are hung up on. This soundbyte comes from the television show 24.

Fuck You Ph1sh: During a broadcast Julius from Otisville called in to complain about callers taking up too much time talking about random things. After 10 minutes of complaining, Aaron Ph1sh posted in the combat chat that Julius had eclipsed the ten minute mark breaking his own rule to which Julius responded "Fuck You Ph1sh!" Goze later turned this into a soundbyte.



Two Fingers: Julius from Otisville ends every call with "two fingers" which represent a peace sign.

Ma La: This stands for caller Mike Lowry.  This is a joke stemming from the movie Bad Boys. Mike Lowry went from Miiiiike Loooooowry to Ma Looooowry to finally Ma La.

Abel From Santa Ana Cali, Santa Ana Cali Refrigeration: This refers to listener Abel from Santa Ana California. In one week Abel left seven messages on the Junkie Hotline and on each message he stated his name and where he was from. This reminded Goze of Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration thus forcing Goze to change Abel's name to be Abel from Santa Ana Cali, Santa Ana Cali refrigeration. If Abel does not state his name in that order, he gets hung up on.

Origami Pumas: Origami Pumas was played at the beginning of every broadcast. It's origins come from a message left on the Junkie Radio Hotline by listener Ravyn. Ravyn was trying to mimic listener Big Mig's catch phrase of "Origato Putos"

The Nick Sanchez Chronicles: Listener Nick Sanchez once documented his trip to the race track using the Junkie Hotline. These messages were later played on the air and came to be known as the "Nick Sanchez Chronicles." Each message played showed Nick getting drunker and drunker until finally he sounded like Barney Gumble on prozac.  

CBBB: This stands for Clearwater Beach Bad Boy.

Scardy Man: Listener Nicky Knuckles alter ego. Scardy Man only appears in the face of danger.

Da porrada: This is Copperheart's sign off. translated to it's simplest form, it means "kick ass."

Osinio Poof: This was the nickname given to Vinny Magalhaes by Gorgeous George. Translated to english it means Vinny The Pooh.

3-D: This was the nickname given to Evan Dunham by Goze. 3-D represents Evan being a 3 dimensional fighter. 



Fino Lounge: This is the home of Jimmy Scissors, George and Goze's Barber.

The Gunstore: This is one of MMAjunkie Radio's sponsors and is home to frequent guest of the show, Chris Irwin.

Texas De Brazil: George and Goze's favorite restaurant in Las Vegas. 

The Cracked Egg: George's favorite breakfast joint.

Tuff-N-Uff: This is one of MMAjunkie Radio's sponsors. Tuff-N-Uff is the premiere organizations for Amateur Fighting.

LVNC: This is one of MMAjunkie Radio's sponsors. LVNC stands for "Las Vegas Nutrition Centers." 



Gozejitsu: Gozejitsu is Goze's fighting style and clothing line. Goze achieved a Blackbelt in bullshit at the young age of seven. 

Beating Off a Cold: Jeffrey in L.A. once called into the show with a sick voice and stated that he was trying to beat off a cold. The guys laughed their asses off.

Otisville: In the original Superman, Lex Luther was planning to take over the United States and rename it. His partner Otis was promised a small piece of the new territory he called Otisburg. George one day referenced this on the show but made the mistake of calling it Otisville. From then on any place that ended in ville ended up being Otisville.  

The Brotherhood of the Leaky Burrito: This is Goze's secret society. Membership numbers are unknown but are rumored to be less than 20. Members identify each other using a secret code.

The Ph1sh Bowl: This is a column written by Aaron Ph1sh where he recaps episodes of MMAjunkie Radio.

The Jam Session: This is a column written by Sam All Jam where he interviews MMAjunkie Radio listeners.

The Fratelli to Fox Scale: This is Goze's system to rank women.

The Box Jelly Fish: George and Goze's worst nightmare. The Box Jellyfish is one of the most deadliest animals on the planet.

We ask that you bare with us: Another Seinfeld reference. There is an episode where George Costanza's car is parked in a garage and when he came back he found out his car was being used as a motel for prostitutes to bring their tricks. When he asked what was going on with the situation, the attendant responds with "we ask that you bare with us."George and Goze find this very humorous so now when there is a situation that requires a solid explanation, we respond with "we ask that you bare with us."