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What is there to say about myself that hasn't already been said by some of the finest scholars of our time?  I know one thing, I'm pretty awesome especially when my summer tan kicks in.  Some people say my glow, the great wall of China, and Floyd Mayweather's ego are just about the only man inspired forces that can be seen from space.

Not much to say about me guys, I grew up in Santa Ana California (The good part) most of my life. Attended some of the finer learning institutions such as Greenville and MacArthur Fundamental.  Went to Fountain Valley High School for Freshman and Sophmore year before I got tired of being called "the brown kid" and moved to Saddleback High School for Junior and Senior years where I was surprisingly referred to as "that white boy" can't win them all I suppose.  From there I had a gigantic life fart. I had no idea what I wanted to be. At first I wanted to be a dentist so I became a registered dental assistant.  Took me three months to figure out blood + screaming kids = the worst fucking day of life.

At this point I started working full time until I got a job as a (censored vendor at the Santa Ana censored) I like to call these years the dark ages.  Once I realized I was wasting my time, I went back to school where I attended Santa Ana College and then transfered to Riverside College in Moreno Valley.

UNLV would be my next stop where I am currently serving my senior year as a psychology student.  I go to school part time and do MMAjunkie Radio on the side...or is it the other way around?  Thats right, 5 days a week I sit in a studio at Mandalay Bay and force my opinions on people who don't even like me.  Suck on that Oprah!

I don't get into my personal life much so I'll leave you with a taste and nothing more. I have a beautiful girlfriend named Jenny that serves as the rock to my hard place. I have two awesome dogs named Max and Jackie.  Jackie was a rescue dog...lucky for her she hit the lottery with us. Max could very well be the funniest dog on the planet. They both keep me sane and happy.

My family is a little short of awesome and thats only because some of them choose a lifestyle I do not primarly agree with that includes going to work and rooting for stupid teams like the Angels, 49ers, Mavericks, Georgia Tech, and Longhorns.

Really at this point if you have anything you want to know just ask me. (Nudes welcomed)