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ok, i'm gonna give this blog a run.  on today's show, we talked about a fighter, sergio salcido, who lost his life in tijuana, mexico.  there's a big back story you can read about here:  in that discussion, it was mentioned that the mma community has grown apart as the sport has grown.  and i agree with that ... however, not 100%.  for example, i think the and mmajunkie radio community, aka "junkie nation", is huge and really tight knit.  

i'm so lucky to have made some quality friendships while doing this show.  i'm absolutely fired up about ufc 130 weekend, which also happens to be the same weekend as our 1000th show.  many of these friends that i just spoke about, will be in town to help us celebrate our accomplishment.  now granted, i know that they're also hardcore fans and it's not the end of the world to be stuck in vegas during a long weekend ... however, i know for a fact that a big reason many decided to spend their hard-earned money and vacation time, was to also partake in our big show and hang with us.

like i said, we are a tight knit community and with many actively participating in the show as callers, chatters, tweeters, forum contributors, etc ... i also hope they know that their a big part of us even being able to do 1000 shows.  and being able to share it with them is an amazing feeling.  



So now that I promised to keep up with my "I'm a fatso Journal" and kept up my end of the deal, I thought it was time to go back to the MMAjunkie Radio Journal. This one won't be an everyday deal like the other but I will try and get in at least three entries per week. By the way, If anyone is interested in being a guest writer, let me know.

Today we had a Skrap Pack special on MMAjunkie Radio as we featured Skrap Packers Gilbert Melendez and Daniel Roberts. I don't know what it is about these two but they are honestly two of the nicest and funniest guys in the sport. Trips me out that they could murder me in less than ten seconds and George in less than seven. Sam Perez is a different story, "you don't know him! You don't know what he's done!" That matchup would probably be a draw.

So yeah, Gilbert has a tough fight ahead of him but he's been there before and he's been Ok. There is still excitement for this fight because it will be under different circumstances than the first fight. This one will be in the states, it's for a title, it's 5, 5 minute rounds in a cage with elbows allowed. I'm just sad that I won't get to see this fight in person as it will be the same night as my mother's birthday and she will be visiting us out here in Las Vegas. I'll be glued to my seat though thats for sure.

Some good and strange calls today but other than that it was business as usual as Dana White says. We did get a visit from listener Ryan from Torrance California. Pretty cool guy, he was a little camera shy but thats cool, not everyone wants to get behind the mic. Ryan has been listening for a while now and he personally gave us a nice donation that he called his way of saying thank you. It's very touching when fans reach out like that to us, it means a lot. Hopefully we get to see Ryan more in the future and can forge a friendship with him the way we have with other listeners.

Thats all for now, I'll catch you guys tomorrow.


Be Champions! 


On The Fly

In doing this show we've come across some pretty crappy situations in the past with guests no showing us or canceling at the last second.  Today we had the complete opposite happen, we had a fighter confirm about nine seconds before the show started. I'm talking about Rich "Ace" Franklin.  We got news that he would be coming on the program just seconds before the show started and while that is great news for the show, it's also a scary feeling knowing you have to conduct an interview on the fly like that without preparation. 

Like I said before, this isn't our first rodeo, we've had shit like this happen before so we powered through it, writing questions in our heads as callers talked (Sorry Humpty Sean).  For me the worst feeling is when George asks a question that I planed on asking.  My questions have to be really standard and almost bland because it's George's job to decide in which direction to take the interview so I have to stay the course. We can't be talking about The fight and then skip over to "Hey Rich, did you know you were number 7 on ESPN's top ten plays?" and then go back to the fight. Flow is big for me so when George stormed out of the gate with my 3 top questions, I was shitting bricks. Luckily we powered through it and produced what I thought was a pretty entertaining interview. I believe this is Rich's 4th time on the show so by now we've established a good relationship and Rich seemed to open up a little more. Thats always a good feeling.

They say everyday you learn something new and I would have to say today I learned that with the right chemistry, anything is possible.


Goze's UFC 115 Picks

Rich Franklin: He will outlast the iceman. Chuck is in shape but cardio hasn't been his downfall, it's been timing and lack of movement.

CroCop: His back is against the wall in this fight. I like Barry but the kid hasn't faced a menace like CroCop yet. 

Kampmann: Should be able to fight the takedown, land cleaner shots, and cruise to a decision.

Yvel: Speed and power, he will KO Rothwell.

McDonald: This is the early stage of a superstar to come. Carlos has been taking way to many shots and until he improves his defense, I have to go with Rory.

Danzig: I think his wrestling will be better in this fight and I think he will control Wiman.

Tyson: I like Evan and think he's a beast but he's a bit of a slow starter and Tyson keeps a fast pace that will fluster Evan. Tyson wins a dec.

Other pics: Miranda, Wilks, Patrick, and Pyle.


"In MMA We Trust"

I often hear people repeat the famous words of Dana White "Don't leave it in the hands of the judges."  I really hate when I hear people say that.  How many times have we seen good fighters fight their asses off only to be robbed by the judges?

In Boxing, Oscar Delahoya had a comfortable lead over Felix Trinidad, he then ran from Felix for three rounds. In that case I believe he deserved to lose because he stopped fighting. That was his bad. This week we saw Toby Imada fight his ass off in Bellator and he lost to what many people believed was a bad decision.  Toby fought until the end but sometimes the finish just isn't in the cards. Would you say Toby wasn't trying to finish Curran? I know I wouldn't, even with one eye he was swinging untill the bell.

MMA is no longer filled with lopsided matchups, fighters are well rounded now so we see many fights go to the cards.  When a finish doesn't happen, as a fighter you have to be able to trust the system.  There are far too many things on the line for these guys as many of them can't even afford to train full time.

So is it the fighter's fault or the system? I say it's the system. We need to stop blaming fighter and start pointing fingers where they belong.